Payment and Order status information

Order are automatically updated to show which part of the process they are in. We will automatically send out an email to let you know. If, by any chance, you have missed this email you could always navigate to your account and open your order history for more information.

List of al statuses:

Waiting for Payment

Waiting for your Payment to arrive at Nirvana Shop

Waiting for Approval

Waiting for Approval of payment by our management team

Waiting for Crypto confirmation

Waiting for Validation of payment by our management team


Your payment has been validated

Packaging department

Your order is currently in our packaging department

Ready to be shipped

Your order is packed and ready to be shipped


Your order has been shipped

Closed (Resent)

Your order has been resend to you

Return in progress

Your order has been returned to us


Your payment is returned


Your order is canceled


A chargeback has been filed by you

On Hold

Your order is put on hold

Payment Error*

A Payment Error has occurred, please try again!

Payment Declined*

Your payment has been declined, please try again!


*Payment Error/Payment Declined are the result of the payment provider throwing an error at random. No need to worry, this simply means the transaction has not been completed. No money is lost and nothing will be charged. You’re safe to try again!

If you feel this is a mistake, feel free to contact our support.