Cryptocurrency checkout

If you choose to pay with a Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoins, you will be redirected to our cryptocurrency payment provider. The first thing you need to do there is choose the crypto currency that you want to use. The top button is for bitcoin (BTC). The next page will show you the amount that we expect to receive and also the payment address that you need to use for your payment. This is a unique address that is used for your order only.

The payment generally needs to be done within a 1 hour time frame. The reason is that the cryptocurrency values change constantly. After your payment is done, the status of your order will be set to 'paid' automatically (usually within the following 15 minutes).

If a payment is done after the 1 hour, the payment will still go through but we need to verify the payment manually. This usually happens the same or the next working day.

Orders placed with the Cryptocurrency payment method receive a 10% discount.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies:


Ether Classic





Bitcoin Cash